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SKIN MASTERS CLINIC – Best Hair Transplant and Allergy Treatment center in north India

A unit of MNS Gera Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

Skin Masters Clinic is an ISO 9001:2015 and 13485:2016 certified specialized skin, hair and allergy treatment center established with the aim to provide premium hair and skin aesthetics treatment at affordable prices. Our directors received their training at the most prestigious institutes of India – AIIMS, New Delhi, Safdarjung Hospital and PGIMS Rohtak. Since its inception, Skin Masters has been a renowned name in the field of hair transplant and allergy treatment and is a preferred clinic for people looking for quality skin and hair treatment. We have consistently received the hightest ratings among skin and hair clinics in North India.

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Well sometimes, during an exposure to a substance the body marks it as an invader and makes an IgE antibody against it. On exposure the next time, the antibodies trigger production of mast cells that initiate the allergy symptoms in the nose, skin, lungs and the GI system.

Common causes of allergies are:

  • Food items such as nuts, dairy, gluten, etc.
  • Dust mites.
  • Animal or pet dander.
  • Mold or fungal growth.
  • Pollen count in the air.
  • Insect bites especially bees, wasps, mosquitoes etc.
  • Certain medications that cause counter reactions.
  • Certain chemicals such as Balsam of Peru, perfumes, hair dyes or cosmetic products.
  • Metals commonly due to nickel.
  • Sun rays.
  • Plants such as poison oak or poison ivy.

Several viral infections can cause a rash accompanied by other symptoms. Some viruses such as Chicken pox and measles cause a typical rash that is easily diagnosed, while others may not be characteristic of any specific virus. The rash on its own is not considered serious and usually subsides with time and treatment.

There is no simple answer to this. No one treatment offers spectacular hair growth for all people who use it. However, there are a few treatments that yield decent results for a majority of people. (Decent is defined here as cessation of further hair thinning and perhaps some regrowth, ranging from a little to moderate.) Some people do respond unusually well–but then some don’t respond at all. Most fall somewhere in between. Since there are multiple factors in male pattern hair loss, it is wisest to approach the problem from several angles to maximize results, as some treatments are complementary and address different underlying causes. A common fundamental approach is to use an “antiandrogen” of some kind, whether systemic or topical and a growth stimulant such as minoxidil (Rogaine). To this basic program many add a topical SOD. Other options include therapeutic shampoos, such as the antimicrobial and growth stimulant shampoos. Still other approaches that may help include dietary and nutritional considerations and even lifestyle modifications. There are many adherents to such a “kitchen sink” approach. You can also start with a single hair loss treatment, though due to the long lag time before you can actually verify efficacy, this can be very hit and miss and may bring less than optimal results by only addressing one aspect of a larger problem.

Sometimes, as a percentage of the active ingredients gets absorbed into the scalp and left behind after rinsing. For instance, seborrheic dermatitis (“seb derm,” a bad case of dandruff) is now thought to play a minor role in pattern loss. In the trials, researchers had test subjects use T/Gel shampoo (one of the many treatments for seb derm) as a means of leveling the field and cutting out this factor as a variable in determining results. Also, 2% prescription strength Nizoral shampoo used 2 – 4 times weekly was shown in one study to produce hair growth results comparable to 2% minoxidil used once daily in a small group of group of test subjects. It was also shown in a larger group to increase the number of hairs in the anagen (growth) phase and to increase average hair shaft diameter. There are almost certainly other shampoos that can positively influence hair growth, as medication can reach the hair follicle fairly easily when the scalp is in a well-hydrated state. Water is a superb penetration enhancer that is, in fact, added liberally to many medicated penetrating creams.

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Phone/video consultations are being offered in these special and extra ordinary situation due to corona virus to avoid visits to clinic and there by prevent exposure to virus and minimize spread of infection.

In view of the extraordinary circumstances prevailing due to the Corona (CoVID) outbreak regular consultations are being suspended to ensure social isolation and contain spread of the outbreak, in line with the Government instructions. However, as an alternative, telephonic and online consultations are being offered.

Online consultation is based on an assessment of photos and is not a 100% replacement of personal physical examination.

It is being given as a service and is entirely up to patient to accept it.The doctors will make their best effort to deliver quality care subject to limitations of the technology . It has to be understood that the technology has limitations and 100% accuracy is not possible. If patients do not want this, they are at liberty to refuse.

Please note that telephonic/Online consultation is not a substitute for regular consultation. Doctor can proceed to help patients with alternative methods of consultation, only if the patient accepts these limitations.

Patients need to understand that doctors will not accept any responsibility due to the limitations of the technology and hence not be liable for any legal action. Patients, by accepting the online consultation, agree to indemnify the doctors and the clinic from any future legal action